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A great drive time podcast

Kenny is a great podcaster, Balancing the Christian Life is a great podcast.

Thank you!

I appreciate this podcast so much! I have learned about other podcasts and platforms through it and have truly been encouraged by it! Thank you Kenny for this work it has helped me to tune out noise of this world and feed my soul!

Love it!

Binge listening through out my work day. Really a joy and learning experience listening in!

Christian life

Great podcast!!!

Love this podcast!

Great thoughts...always applicable. Keep them coming☺️

Great stuff!

I love the format. Carefully edited and very well thought through. I watch my phone for the notification for when the episode gets listed. It’s on my must listen to list.

Excellent show

I know Ken Embry (a fellow academic) and I was pleasantly surprised to find his show. I listened to a number of them. The show is excellent for anyone who wants to grow in their Christian faith. I will keep listening and you should start.

Great Podcast

Highly recommend this podcast! He is easy to listen to and provides biblical principles woven with personal anecdotes that challenges us to grow spiritually.

Thought Provoking Messages

I appreciate these thought provoking messages encouraging us to examine our Christian faith. It is so easy to become complacent, and this podcast will help you truly examine and readdress your priorities.

Thanks Kenny!

Kenny understands the daily choices that go in to the spirtual walk. He has experience in his own walk, in leading his family, and in teaching others. This podcast will challenge you and inspire you. I highly recommend!

Balancing the Christian Life

This podcast is very encouraging and very helpful in my daily life. Kenny is doing a wonderful job in helping us live more like God wants us to.. and his thoughts are very encouraging.

Great podcasts!

Always appreciative and challenged by Kenny’s thoughts. These podcasts are definitely worth your time!

Such an inspirational message

Kenny has such a well spoken inspirational message. I have met this guy in real life and he’s just as well spoken in person. I do feel like he may have used Photoshop on his picture as he is not quite that handsome in person even though he’s very good looking. I do enjoy his podcast and I have shared them with many of my friends. Actually Kenny is someone that I’ve known my entire life and I have always admired. He is talented, a great father, and an inspiration for those he’s around. Kenny has always been far ahead of the curve on so many things keep up the good work.


Practical for daily living. Excellent series.

Thoughtful discussion

A very good reminder that change can be uncomfortable. In the process of change, it is important to consider the direction and type of change that we wish to achieve. The company you keep impacts your growth or lack of growth.

Great insights!

This is an excellent podcast! I enjoy the refreshing approach. I like the memorable stories that illustrate the biblical principles and the relaxed, friendly style of the presentation. I find the podcast encouraging and up-lifting and (dare I say) fun. I appreciate the assignment or challenge at the end.... small things I can do to become a better Christian. Please continue this work. You are a much needed light in this crazy world.

Inspiring and engaging.

Dr. Embry presents engaging thoughts that point listeners toward critical, spiritual thinking. The podcast episodes are concise enough to fit into a commute or listen while exercising. The content is substantive and thoughtful.

Perfect timing!

I have known Kenny since we were both in college in the late 80s. Kenny was one of those people that I truly enjoyed having conversations with and in the years since, I have continued to walk away from our conversations feeling like I was “heard.” These podcasts have come at exactly the right time for what we’re dealing with in our world, in our nation, in homes, and in our hearts. You may wish you had started these podcasts years earlier, Kenny, but I think your timing is perfect!

Positive content!

Just what we need right now! The content here is of value to anyone who follows God and/or seeks to know Him more. The podcaster has a voice and speaking style that’s very easy on the ears. Highly recommend!

Spiritually Provoking!

This podcast is packed with many good insights and practical applications for Christians. If you’re looking for a spiritually thought provoking podcast that encourages you to be a better version of yourself, this ones for you!

Easy to grasp, thoughtful content

Kenny has a great way of presenting some complicated material to listeners.More importantly, do usually gives some easy to grasp applications.Do yourself a favor and get these podcasts a little bit of your time.


Rich material. Helpful. Insightful. Kenny is a great guy I’ve known for years now, and listening to each episode will only make you better. Encouraged!


This podcast is filled with practical applications to common spiritual problems. Great job Kenny!

Kevin Hanson

Spot on Kenny! I’m thoroughly enjoying the podcasts and the material you are covering as I continue on my spiritual journey. Cannot wait to hear more!

A Diamond in a Rough Field

My son Kenny studied virtual communities for his PhD. Now he wants to guide us to use the digital world including podcasts to help us draw closer to one another and to Christ. Way to go Kenny, soldier on. And to the rest of you, check it out!