Balancing the Christian Life

Balancing the Christian Life

Balancing the Christian Life helps Christians be better Christians. It focuses on practical ways to improve relationships with each other and God, and what it means to be a digital disciple.

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May 7, 2021

Could I get your attention...about attention

In some ways, this is one of the simplest episodes I've pulled together. In this episode, I start the first part of digital liter…

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April 30, 2021

The digital stuff

This week I've got a lot on my plate with the end of the semester, so I'm doing an introduction to the idea of digital literacy. …

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April 23, 2021

Holding onto God in change, an interview with Gardner Hall

Do you feel like the world is changing all around you while you're trying to hold onto your Christianity? Do you wonder is the th…

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April 17, 2021

To the Philippians...and us

For the past few weeks I've been drawn again and again to Philippians. There's a lot of hope and exhortation in this short book. …

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April 13, 2021

What's the next step?

Covid is starting to become a what should we learn from the experience? And what questions should we be asking now? S…

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April 9, 2021

It depends on your perspective, an interview with Hal Hammons

Hal is a new friend and someone who hosts his own podcast, The Citizen of Heaven. In this episode, we discuss the importance of p…

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Where we've been...where we're headed

  Well I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, I've loved this journey. The podcast started as a curiosity and a question. If I built …

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