Sept. 17, 2021

Cross Country Christianity...a conversation with Mark and Cindy Dunagan

Cross Country Christianity...a conversation with Mark and Cindy Dunagan

So how well do you think the church is doing across the country? It's easy to assume it's either going well or going poorly based on what you see where you are. But Mark and Cindy Dunagan have a pretty clear answer after visiting over 50 congregations in the last year. They are also podcasters and bloggers who are on a mission to visit 100 churches to see what works and what doesn't. I think you'll be interested to hear what they've learned from Christians who live their faith at the local congregation.

Here's their bio:
Mark and Cindy Dunagan live nomadically in a van and are on a quest to visit and encourage 100 conservative churches of Christ around the country to gather Biblically sound, inspiring ideas for growing the Kingdom of Heaven. They share those ideas on their blog --- ideas that are on track to be published in a book called 100 Churches. 

Mark has been preaching since his conversion in 1979 and continues to do so as they travel. He currently participates bi-weekly in the live online program Answering Religious Error. 

His audio sermons are available at and his commentaries at  Cindy is the author of Your Fresh Start (available at, is the host of the podcast Nomads You And I, and co-host of the live online program Older Women Likewise. 

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