Oct. 29, 2021

The Christian Mindset...a conversation with Benjamin Lee

The Christian Mindset...a conversation with Benjamin Lee
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How does your mindset affect your Christian walk? This week I talk with Benjamin Lee from the I Can Do podcast. He helped me understand mindset better and how focusing on the whole Christian came make a world of difference.

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Be good and do good.

Benjamin LeeProfile Photo

Benjamin Lee

Evangelist, Life Coach, Podcaster

Benjamin Lee has been preaching the gospel since 2001.

After working for eight years for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and preaching part time, Benjamin decided to devote his life to preaching the gospel in 2009. Benjamin began a preacher training program at the Dowlen Road Church of Christ from 2009-2011. In 2011, he began working full-time with Dowlen Road until 2018.

Benjamin began working with the West Main Church of Christ in Lewisville Texas on March 1, 2018. He and his wife Nikki have been married for 17 years. They have a 10-year-old son named Joshua. Benjamin is passionate about faith, family, fitness, and food. He has had the opportunity to preach and teach in Africa, Mexico, and throughout the U.S. He is a certified Life and Ultraspeaking coach.

You can find his sermons, blogs, books, coaching cohorts, and podcasts at www.benjaminlee.blog.

He can be reached via email at benjaminlee1@pm.me