Sept. 24, 2021

Becoming a Godly Man

Becoming a Godly Man

Becoming a Christian man is a challenge at all times. This week I talk to Mark Roberts, Warren Berkley and BJ Sipe, all three evangelists. They explain how to help grow men, and what challenges there are to keep men from becoming John Wayne or Mr. Rogers.

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Mark Roberts

Romans for Everyone - The Coffee and Bible Series

Mark is a husband, father, and now grandfather who loves his family, coffee, hunting, Ohio State football and anything C.S. Lewis writes, but not in that order. He's also a huge fan of Teddy Roosevelt and Doctor Who. In the few minutes he's not drinking coffee or playing with his grandson Maddox Mark can be found preaching for the Westside church of Christ in Irving, Texas - a role he has been thrilled to occupy for almost thirty years.